Ammonia Operator 1

Ammonia Operator 1 is where you should begin your training into industrial refrigeration concepts.  This class will ensure or help…Continue readingAmmonia Operator 1

Ammonia Operator 2

Ammonia Operator 2 is the next step of advanced technical training for the progressing ammonia operator.  This class is not…Continue readingAmmonia Operator 2

PSM / RMP Training

Ammonia PSM (Process Safety Management) and RMP (Risk Management Programs) required by OSHA and EPA is essential training for all…Continue readingPSM / RMP Training

RAGAGEP Training

Ammonia RAGAGEP (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices / Principles) is for anybody wanting a detailed understanding of the…Continue readingRAGAGEP Training

Ammonia Training Dates

Ammonia refrigeration training dates and course schedules for ARTS.  The following courses are part of the ammonia training tour.  If…Continue readingAmmonia Training Dates

Online Training

Enroll Today in ARTS’ Online Ammonia Refrigeration Training Program!  These online ammonia training courses are perfect for any employee who…Continue readingOnline Training

On-Site Training

Ammonia Refrigeration Training at its best.  On-Site training is when ARTS brings our instructors to your location of choice. We…Continue readingOn-Site Training

PSM Audits

PSM compliance made easy.  Both the OSHA and EPA require fundamental implemented safety programs for ammonia refrigeration systems.  If your…Continue readingPSM Audits


Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions (ARTS) is an industrial company. ARTS provides education, training, testing, and certifications. Moreover, ARTS certification are…Continue readingCertifications

NH3 Vendors

ARTS could not do what we do without companies and the good people that work for them.  This page is…Continue readingNH3 Vendors

R-717 Show

R-717 Show – Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions brings to you by demand ammonia safety training through our specialized casts.  Sponsorships…Continue readingR-717 Show

Job Postings

Ammonia Refrigeration Jobs / Industrial Mechanic Jobs / Engineering Jobs / Safety Jobs / PSM Jobs / Steam Boiler Jobs…Continue readingJob Postings

NH3 Swag

NH3 Swag at its best! We have the latest NH3 / R717 / Ammonia shirts, hats, and more.  All merchandise…Continue readingNH3 Swag