Ammonia Safety Days

Jeremy Williams of ARTS is honored to be part of the group whom first established and implemented NH3 (ammonia) safety days across the United States.  The last 14 years Jeremy has help host and fulfill GCAP’s successful NASD that is held in Kansas City every year and was the host of the LA Roser safety day in 2018.    Each year ARTS will support ammonia safety days across the country.  Whether it is help market, develop, speak, or just support the event ARTS is here for you. 

We would be honored to support your safety day! We can provide presentations on the following topics.

  • Ammonia Safety
  • Basic Refrigeration Cycles
  • Incidental Releases
  • Emergency Response Releases
  • High Side Leaks vs. Low Side Leaks
  • Liquid Leaks vs Gas Leaks
  • When to Use and When Not to Use Water
  • Emergency Pressure Control Systems
  • Relief Valves and Headers
  • Ventilation
  • Ammonia Igniting
  • Emergency Shutdown – When to and When Not
  • Is Closing the King Valve a Good Idea?
  • Ammonia PPE
  • Lessons Learned from Past Accidents
  • Plus More!

If you would like us to support your safety day please visit this link to fill out the form.  

Our motto is simple: “Keep It In The Pipes” and our goal is to make ammonia the safest managed refrigerant know to man.  

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Ammonia Safety Day 

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