Ammonia Zone Labeling Identification – Next Generation

If you have been in the industry for a matter of time, you are quite well aware of suggested IIAR pipe labeling requirements. As we feel that an effectively labeled system brings so many benefits to enhance the future of safety and operations at your facility.  

Recently we came across something that should set the standard for the future of industrial refrigeration labeling requirements.  All credit is due to Shane O’Connor and his company New England Ammonia Safety Inc.  This is idea is so simple, so clean, so common sense, so outside the box, so beautiful, and I believe has just set the bar! 

Have you addressed in you PHA a properly labeled system?  The ability to identify zones and equipment from the roof top valve stations, false ceilings, and attics is proving to be a difficult task for many. Identified the hazard, proposed a simple solution, and implemented the fix. If you ask us, these things look amazing!

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Ammonia Zone Labeling