ARTS and IPIA Join Forces

We are so excited about our new partnership with IPIA (International Packaged Ice Association). ARTS is the dedicated ammonia training provider to its members and associates.  IPIA was originally founded in 1917 as the National Association of Ice Industries, our proud trade association represents commercial industry producers of block ice and packaged ice internationally. The hallmark of our vision as an association is our member commitment to food safety and education at all levels – regulatory, retailer, and consumer – ​that ICE IS FOOD. All IPIA members receive 10% off all online training enrollments!

The mission of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) is to promote the growth and superior business practices for the packaged ice industry through the ongoing development and management of standards and value-added services that enhance the image of the industry to the consumers and trade partners. IPIA will achieve these objectives through proactive leadership directed by priorities set by its member companies.

Keep up with the most important legislation and news affecting the industry.  Attend annual meetings which feature equipment-packed tradeshows, various engaging business speakers, information on future trends, and new ways to motivate employees. Become a proud PIQCS-accredited manufacturer (Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards). Join the IPIA and become a member of the oldest and largest ice industry association in the world.