ARTS Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions

ARTS Virtual Online Program Expands

ARTS Virtual Online Training platform expands to offer individual training segments on industry demanded topics.  Each month we will have a live training topic, testing, and PDH/CEU achievement based upon success.  All live events will be archived for future students to access training platforms at their own time and pace.  This will be a great way to keep up with RETA and IIAR PDH continual education requirements.  Topics of interest to be released first will include the following.

  • Ammonia Safety
  • Oil Draining
  • Manual Purging Evaporative Condensers
  • Thermosyphon Oil Cooling 
  • Process Hazard Analysis 
  • Requirements of a in House Training Program
  • Saturated / Superheated / Subcooled
  • Screw Compressor Oil Seperators 
  • Pump Overfeed Systems
  • NH3/CO2 Cascade Systems
  • Annual Testing of Critical Cut-Outs (Safeties)

We would like to hear back from you and please tell us what topics you would like to be presented and released.  At this link give us your feedback please.