EPA’s RMP and the West Coast – Violations Stacking Up!

EPA – RMP – Violations – Ammonia

The citations and violation news has been quiet for some time now, and that is a good thing.  Looks like things are about to change or have been changing in the last year.  

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  • Saputo Cheese Agrees to $170,000 Penalty for Clean Air Act Violations – EPA RMP Violation

    • An accident at the facility on June 22, 2018, led to the release of 5,690 pounds of anhydrous ammonia.
    • EPA performed an inspection of the Saputo Cheese facility in 2019 and found that the company failed to correct corrosion on piping and structural supports
    • Failed to demonstrate that safety vents met industry standards.
    • EPA also found the company did not accurately report the total amount of ammonia it manages and failed to comply with requirements related to planning for accidental releases.
    • EPA found that safety improvements were necessary at the facility to help prevent future accidents.
  • Grimmway Enterprises, Inc to pay $214,000 Penalty for Violations of Clean Air Act & Emergency Notification Requirements – EPA RMP Violation 

    • On August 2, 2019, approximately 2,335 pounds of anhydrous ammonia, which is designated as an Extremely Hazardous Substance, were released at Grimmway’s Arvin facility.
    • Grimmway failed to notify state emergency authorities and the National Response Center immediately after the release.
    • The inspection also revealed that Grimmway did not have required safety information for equipment, such as pressure relief valves; lacked required safety equipment, such as sensors or alarms; was missing some required operating procedures for its ammonia refrigeration equipment and failed to have procedures in place to notify the appropriate agencies about chemical releases.
  • Ventura Coastal Agrees to $270,000 Penalty for Clean Air Act Violations at Visalia Facility – EPA RMP Violation

    • On May 21, 2019, EPA inspected the Visalia facility
    • EPA found that the company failed to keep up-to-date information on equipment
    • Failed to label piping and equipment
    • Did not adequately describe maintenance and inspection frequencies for equipment and instrumentation
    • Failed to inspect equipment and correct deficiencies
    • Did not address internal audit and incident investigation findings in a timely manner
  • Reddy Ice settles with EPA for $182,000 
    • EPA determined that Reddy Ice failed to properly design its refrigeration system to comply with applicable design codes and standards
    • Maintain inspection and testing records on certain equipment
    • Correct engineering control deficiencies related to ammonia detectors, emergency exhaust fans, and alarms
    • Did not act upon compliance audit findings.
  • Smithfield and Clougherty Packing, LLC will pay $237,537 in civil penalties for Clean Air Act Violations – EPA RMP Violation

    • Failure to identify hazards associated with the discharge of emergency exhaust pipes and pressure relief valves.
    • Failure to repair a malfunctioning ammonia sensor and replace damaged or missing insulation, properly seal doors, protect electrical equipment, replace corroded piping and equipment, and properly label the facility’s process and emergency equipment.
    • Failure to maintain adequate process safety information for the facility’s alarms, process equipment and emergency ventilation system. 
  • Smith Frozen Foods to pay $100,000 – EPA RMP Violation 

    • Respondent had failed to compile complete process safety information regarding safe upper and lower limits for such items as temperatures, pressures, flows or compositions pertaining to the technology
    • Respondent had failed to compile complete process safety information pertaining to the electrical classification
    • Respondent had failed to compile complete process safety information pertaining to the relief system design and design basis of equipment
    • Respondent had failed to compile complete process safety information pertaining to the ventilation system design of equipment
    • Respondent had failed to document that equipment in the Weston Facility Process complies with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices
    • Respondent had failed to develop and implement written operating procedures providing clear instructions for safely operating Compressor BC-14, Compressor BC-34, Freezer Tunnel No. 6 and Freezer Tunnel No. 10, which are part of the Weston Facility Process