Intro to NH3 Refrigeration

Intro to Ammonia Refrigeration

Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration is designed specifically in mind for people whom work around and or manage the ammonia refrigeration system.  These prospective students don’t directly operate the system themselves. If so they should take Ammonia Operator 1. One does not have to be a 30 year vet to manage the system, but should know the basics with confidence and a general knowledge in industrial refrigeration .  Key roles that that this class is designed for is plant management, supervisors, general safety, environmental safety, process safety, hazmat, and other key employee positions that have impact to the ammonia refrigeration system operations and maintenance tasks. We call this class

Intro to R-717 Refrigeration

No general background or prerequisites are needed to take this class.   Aptitudes needed for for a better understanding will be mathematics, observation, applied technology, locating information, and reading for information.  The class in a person is a 2 day session and online you have six months to complete.  

The Intro to R-717 Refrigeration course entails a copy of the latest edition industrial ammonia refrigeration book hand selected by ARTS. This book is for the student to keep and reference not only during the class but their entire career. Topics to be covered are as follows:

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Each student enrolled will receive a copy of ARTS E-book titled “Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration – Next Steps” and the course covers the following

  • Ammonia Safety 

    • What happens when we don’t keep it in the pipes and how to safely work with ammonia as a refrigerant
  • Regulatory Awareness and Requirements

    • OSHA – PSM
    • OSHA – Safe Work Practice
    • OSHA – Respiratory Protection
    • OSHA – HazWoper 
    • OSHA – General Duty
    • EPA – RMP
    • EPA – General Duty
  • Best Practice / RAGAGEP Awareness and Requirements

    • IIAR
    • ASHRAE
    • ASME
    • NFPA
    • IMC
  • Basic Refrigeration Cycles

    • Evaporation
    • Compression
    • Condensation
    • Metering
  • Introduction to Industrial Refrigeration Cycles

    • Simple Single Stage Systems
    • Simple Two Stage System
    • Oil Cooling Systems
    • Liquid Feed Disigns
  • Evaporator Types

    • Air Exchange
    • Liquid Exchange
    • Product Exchange
    • Ice Machines
  • Compressor Packages

    • Reciprocating
    • Screws
    • Oil Separation types and methods
    • Slugging
  • Condensers

    • Air
    • Water
    • Evaporative
    • Air / Non-Condensables
  • Thermodynamics

    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Pressure / Temperature Relationships
    • Heat Transfer Types
    • Latent Heat
    • Sensible Heat
  • Bedrock Understandings

    • Tonnage
    • Pipe Labels
    • Valve Tags
    • Open loop cycles vs closed loop
    • Secondary Coolants
    • Colored piping/insulated systems
    • Types of Valves
    • Emergency valves
    • Oil draining
    • Rounds / Walkthroughs
    • Exhaust fans
    • E-Stops
    • Emergency Shutdowns
    • Block Flow Drawings / P&IDs

Intro to R-717 Refrigeration

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Ammonia Operator 1

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