NH3 PSM Training

NH3 PSM Training – Compliance and Safety

NH3 PSM Training / RMP / CalARP at Wisconsin. What a great opportunity for us and these students to come together and manage risk. These are today’s generation of safety professionals. We exist to help sustain ammonia as the safest refrigerant known to man. These PSM coordinators establish the benchmark for safety and compliance within their own facilities. Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your training and compliance needs. Risk management is not risk elimination but incorporating layers of protection to reduce the severity and probabilities of a foreseeable catastrophic event. Thank you, Kuhlman Inc, for serving us and our students at your beautiful headquarters. To get a quote for us to come onsite and provide a private training course see this link.  To see our current schedule see this link.  

NH3 PSM Training – PSM is a lifestyle. PSM is proactive. PSM is quality control. PSM is standardization. PSM is nothing more than a regulated and mandated maintenance management program. PSM reduces accidents. PSM saves lives. PSM is a thorn in one’s side. PSM is not just a regulation. PSM is a best practice for many of the world’s leading manufacturing facilities. PSM is do what you say and say what you do. PSM requires leadership from the CEO to regional management, local plant level management, and every human that is pushing buttons, turning valves, working on, or manipulating the operations of the ammonia refrigeration system.