Online Ammonia Training – All about the Pressure!

Online Ammonia Training! ARTS online training program is 2nd to none. The program is designed to be completed in two months with a dedication of five hours per week. You can work at your own pace, watch lectures, listen to podcasts, interact, and get instant feedback to progress. You will receive a copy of the course material to use and keep. 

Online Ammonia Training courses below:

  • Introduction to NH3 Refrigeration

$985.00 per participant

  • R-717 Operator 1

$1,085.00 per participant

  • R-717 Operator 2

$1,085.00 per participant

  • R-717 Operator 3 / Technician 1

$1,485.00 per participant

  • R-717 PSM/RMP

$1,085.00 per participant

  • R-717 RAGAGEP

$1,985.00 per participant

  • Machinery Room Requirements for R-717 Systems

$1,185.00 per participant

  • Inspection / Testing / Maintenance for R-717 Systems

$1,185.00 per participant

  • Minimum Safety Requirements for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

$1,185.00 per participant

  • Advanced RETA Refresher (Books not included)

$1,185.00 per participant

Online Ammonia Training

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