Ammonia Refrigeration

The Passion of Ammonia Refrigeration and Hot Gas Defrosts

R-717 Show
R-717 Show
The Passion of Ammonia Refrigeration and Hot Gas Defrosts

Ammonia Refrigeration is a global impact, and the possibilities are endless. In this episode Jeremy Williams of ARTS and Simon Clarke of ARC share their common passions of ammonia refrigeration and discuss ways to enhance the safety of hot gas defrost systems.  Simon has designed and commissioned ammonia engine rooms and heat transfer systems all over the world.  Below are just a few of his accomplishments. 

Discussions in today’s podcast include:

  • Installation of ammonia systems globally
  • The need of good ammonia operators
  • Hot Gas Defrost and efficiencies
  • The CK2 valve
  • What happens if we are in gas defrost and the system loses electricity
  • What if the CK2 opens and there is no bleed
  • Installing the CK2 backwards
  • The CK5
  • Gas defrosts with downstream pressure control with automatic float expansion valves
  • How can defrosts be done more efficient. 

At this link you can download a training document on gas defrosts. Ammonia Refrigeration – Parker Hot Gas Defrost

We have welcomed Simon back to the R-717 Show to discuss the application, uses, efficiency, and opportunities with ammonia heat pumps!

You can contact Simon at 978.409.5226 or email at

Ammonia Refrigeration