Safety Is a Resource – Life as a Service Tech

R-717 Show
R-717 Show
Safety Is a Resource - Life as a Service Tech

Today’s R-717 Show – Safety is a Resource and Life as a Service Tech we interview Mark Eddington of Jensson Refrigeration.  Mark has 10 years’ experience in industrial refrigeration. Today’s podcast covers the following topics

  • Auto mechanic turned industrial refrigeration service tech
  • 8-month HVAC training certifications
    • 40-hour days at night
    • Invest in yourself and your future will be bright
  • RETA CIRO Certification Holder
    • Preparing for test
      • Taking a test and what I do I work at are much different
    • RETA Review Course
    • Pass Rates
    • Online Training
    • Hard work pays off
  • Best part of working for a contractor? – Start-Ups vs. Operations vs. Maintenance vs. Modifications vs Installations
    • Operators have one plant to learn, we have to learn many plants
    • Frustrations of a service tech
    • Confidence with experience
  • Go to tools needed for every service tech?
  • Accident with NH3 – Three to the hospital
  • Close Call #1
  • Close Call #2

Safety is a Resource