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PSM compliance made easy.  Both the OSHA and EPA require fundamental implemented safety programs for ammonia refrigeration systems.  If your facility has over 10,000 pounds, then you are subject to OSHA’s PSM (Process Safety Management) and EPA’s RMP (Risk Management Program) and industry RAGAGEP (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices).  If you are less than 10,000 lbs onsite, then your subject to the general duty clause, RAGAGEP, and minimum safety requirements.  

At ARTS we strive not just for compliant but safe. We believe that a well-developed, integrated, and implemented program will far exceed regulatory compliance and a striving culture is emerged. Our instructors have trained thousands of PSM professionals, and our auditors have audited hundreds of facilities during their careers.

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So how can we help besides PSM/RMP training? We offer the following services:

  • PSM/RMP compliance audits (Required by OSHA/EPA every 3 years)
  • PSM/RMP gap analysis 
  • Minimum NH3 Safety Requirements Evaluations (IIAR -9) (Required by IIAR every 5 years)
  • SOP Reviews
  • 3 Year Refresher Training
  • PHA Support 
  • PSI Creation
  • PSM Consultation
  • RMP Consultation
  • RAGAGEP Consultation
  • One on One training with PSM coordinator on PSM development, integration, and/or implementation. 
  • Hands-on Operational Training with Ammonia Operators with your equipment (not classroom)

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Is your facility in PSM /RMP / RAGAGEP compliant? 

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