Refrigeration Specialist Job @ Iowa

Job Position Title
Refrigeration Specialist
Company Offering Job / City / State
Smithfield Foods @ Orange City, Iowa
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Requested Experience / Education
Qualifications Strong reading, math, writing, analytical skills required and high school diploma or GED equivalent Must be able to work weekends as needed Must able to lift 100 pounds Must be able to work in confined spaces Must be able to pass a pulmonary function test Must be able to work in -40 to degree temperatures Must not be afraid of heights Perform assigned tasks efficiently with minimum supervision
Salary and Benefits
Hourly Refrigeration Specialist Pay starting at $31/Hour (based on experience) Comprehensive Health Insurance, Retirement Benefits and More
Job Description Overview
Core Responsibilities Strong knowledge of basic mechanics Knowledge of basic HVAC Knowledge of ammonia refrigeration Strong knowledge of drive components Knowledge of selecting and maintaining bearings Knowledge on the operation of pumps
Contact Name / Contact Email Address / Contact Phone Number for more information.
Ruben Vasquez (435)691-048