The First Weeks After – Ammonia Operator 1

An Ammonia Operator 1 is not going to make you 100% proficient at ammonia refrigeration (actually no course can) Experts say one needs 10,000 hours of dedication to even start calling themselves an expert and at least two years’ experience to become confident in what one does. If you have had third party ammonia training, you’re a step ahead of the rest and we believe a good course, provided with good material, and a good instructor can quick start your career significantly.  If you did not pay for your education, you need to go back and thank the person who did.  A simple refrigeration course can cost thousands of dollars in total expenses.  So where do you begin after this training?

First week back on the job ask for some time to get to know your system.  Start with a blank scratch piece of paper.  Start drawing your refrigeration system as you see it.  Create a symbol for each component and stay consistent.  You do not need every valve or small component, but let us get the major components, vessels, and piping.  As you do this seeing your refrigeration system for the first time will begin.  After it is drawn compare it to your company’s flow diagrams. 

A well-advanced operator should be able to walk into any engine room and study the pipes and headers.  They are looking where they are coming from and where do they go.  A properly labeled piping system can help tremendously with interpreting piping segments that leave the engine room.  Operators should be able to draw their system flow diagram in a matter of minutes.  If not, you should not be taking operational advice from them. 

After you start to get a detailed understanding of your piping systems, then start narrowing down one section at a time and focus on detail.  This detail may include but not limited to:

  • Missing plugs, labels, and tags
  • Damaged insulation and corrosion
  • Excessive ice
  • Vibrations
  • Sounds
  • Smells
  • Oil

As you walk your pipes daily imagine you are the refrigerant in the pipes moving energy.  Imagine being a liquid ready to accept heat, a gas ready to reject heat, and where saturation exists in your system. Can you see the system from the inside out? 

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Ammonia Operator 1