Minimum Safety/RAGAGEP Requirement Evaluations for NH3 Refrigeration Systems

IIAR recommends that each facility that uses ammonia as a refrigerant have a minimum safety analysis based upon IIAR standard 9.  This evaluation should be repeated at least every five years. Many of IIAR best practices should be implemented all industrial ammonia refrigeration systems regardless of age, location, and threshold.

At ARTS we strive not just for compliant facilities, but safe facilities. We believe that a well developed, integrated, and implemented programs will far exceed regulatory compliance and a striving culture is emerged. Our instructors have trained thousands of PSM professionals and our auditors have audited hundreds of facilities during their careers. We are industry experienced professionals in regulations, best practices, and ammonia refrigeration.

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All IIAR 9 evaluations will include:

  • Extensive review of existing compliance documentation
  • Interviews with affected operating, maintenance, and management staff
  • Walkthroughs of the refrigeration system and visual inspections of onsite conditions
  • A full detailed official report of the analysis and any recommendation to improve safety and/or compliance

IIAR 9 – minimum safety requirement evaluations are meant to be a thorough, honest, and open evaluation of the program and its implementation. External 3rd party audits such as ours are key due to the knowledge of our auditors both on PSM/RMP, RAGAGEP, and ammonia refrigeration as well a lower business impact to your facility.  If you are interested in PSM / RMP / RAGAGEP training please see this link. Give us a call today or visit link below to get a quote for your compliance audit service needs. 

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IIAR 9 Safety

IIAR 9 - Minimum Safety Requirements